appeal to ALL country and nation leaders
of the world

unite the world
this is an appeal

open for all people of the world
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open for all leaders of the world
to listen to it and to act,
uniting the world

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what we
really want

country and nation leader(s)

what a big majority of your own people in your own country want,
is quite simple and it's the same for billions of people allover the world.

So, all leaders of the world, work together
to realize an united world.

It's your responsability, it's your daily duty.

Listen to the appeal, coming from men & women & children, all continents, all religions and non religious opinions,... all over the world.

a safe, place to live
with our family
and our children

education for our children

to healh care
at any time we need it

respect & chances
for all men and all women

a clean
to live, to work and to relax

(of democratic speech)
& cultural life

a house
with at least
basic, modern comfort
for our family and our children

positive future outlooks
for all children

a comfortable,
respectful old day for every senior

enough healthy food
for very family member
every day

respect and right
for the private person
to believe or not believe

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